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Website offers a bird’s eye view of Dubai

Posted by advaitin on February 6, 2007

Website offers a bird’s eye view of Dubai
posted on 04/01/2007

The map ( has been developed using the Google Maps application and allows visitors to view detailed satellite images of hotels, shopping malls, attractions, real estate projects and more.

The map is fully interactive and links to other areas of the site, including hotel reviews and user-submitted videos. Owner David Mottershead says, ‘We think our readers will find this new feature extremely useful. Readers can now get a bird’s eye view of their hotel or take a look at the layout of one of the city’s golf courses. The maps are extremely detailed. You can even zoom in and see the helicopter pad at the Burj Al Arab.’

Dubai Online offers free listings and advertising to tourist attractions, hotels, activity providers, events and any businesses that would interest visitors. A section of the site also deals with employment in the region. Expatriate organizations and recruitment consultants are also offered free space on the site. (


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