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Writers Block UAE – A Refreshing & Warm Writers forum

Posted by advaitin on October 5, 2006



1) Can you tell us a bit about yourself, your educational and work background?

GMJ:I’m a local girl with an attitude that loves pmsing and telling people what to do. I’m educated and still pursuing further education. I’m an octopus that loves working and doing a million things at the same time. I function best under pressure. I hate finding hair in my food. I like trying everything at least once just for the sake of saying “yeaaaaah been there done that” Or “maaal awaaaaaaal”

Vayaconsatan: I’m exactly the opposite of GMJ, except in being local. I’m half a journalist and an aspiring film-maker. I’m a picky perfectionist and a heartless critic.

2) What inspired you to start Writers Block?

A bad experience with a condescending author at a writing workshop. Our blog has a friendly supportive atmosphere where we don’t pretend we have license to put down other writers. We share what we know and learn from each other.

3) How has the response to the forum been so far?

We get a lot of supporting emails and positive feedback. That inspires us to keep going.

4) What are your future plans for the forum?

We want to expand the blog and make it more interactive. We’d like more people to contribute to the website. We also have similar projects to the “Book Give Away” that will hopefully bring together and stimulate writers.

5) Any interesting tid-bits and happenings you can share from the forum?

Nothing worth mentioning.

6) What are your other interests and hobbies?


I play sports (hockey and horseriding).

Read just about anything, eat just about anything

I love reading Archies while I’m on the toilet.


I love reading anything I can get my hands on

I’m an in the closet actress and a food connoisseur

7) What are your favourite books, music, movies, celebrities and inspiring personalities?


Favourite Book: *sigh* that’s an insult.

Favourite Music: depends on my mood..

Movies : Not a huge movie fan, don’t even have time to sit and watch TV

Celebrities: waste of time to even learn their names.

Inspiring Personalities: I’m my own inspiring personality


Favourite Book: Last book I read is always my favorite book, so none get the crown.

Favourite Music: Loud music

Movies: I cant decide on a favorite movie.

Celebrities: none

Inspiring Personalities: My mother

8) What is your motto or philosophy of life that you would like to share with our readers?

We chose quotes for each other 😉


GMJ on Vayaconsatan: “I forgot. Then I fell asleep.”

Vayaconsatan on GMJ: “I get what I want” < and she does!


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