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Abdul Qader- Group Owner, Win Win Always

Posted by advaitin on May 4, 2006

Abdul Qader- Group Owner (

1) Can you tell us a bit about yourself, your educational and work background?

I like to keep myself busy and love meeting and discussing with committed people who wish to achieve success in their walk of ife. I am a software engineer having completed my Master Degree in Computer Application and Business Administration. Right now, am working as a Systems Analyst & Senior Consultant in Dubai,UAE.

2) What inspired you to start Win Win Always?

Well, by the Grace of Almighty have got such great and influential parents. They used to tell me to always help others without expecting something in return. If you help others with a pure heart, God will help you in many ways. This always remains in my heart. Winners group is the place where you can showcase your talents.

The Key to success is to develop leadership qualities. Born leaders are the people most of them have a strong family background in a particular field of activity, which gives them an image by birth itself. Unfortunately all are not blessed with this quality but certainly all individuals could develop leadership by sheer aptitude for it, followed by hard work. So winners team would give footage for developing a better personality by helping each other with fullest joy, desire, commitment, peace and prosperity.


3) How has the response to your forum been so far?

Well, I must say, it has been excellent from the start. Have received numerous complimentary letters and as well as excellent support from our great members around the globe.

4) What are your future plans for the Win Win forum?

After having couple of meeting with some of our UAE members, have planned lot of innovative thigns to carry out. One of the important thing to create a freelance job opportunities though our network. In Dubai already has started in training and teaching industry. So everything will be updated in due course to all the members how to proceed further..

5) Any interesting tid-bits and happenings that you can share from the forum?

Very much! We had a couple of tours and many meetings held on Fridays. Some of them still unforgettable. We shared a lot of information. Recently three of our lady members got placed as language trainers in one of Dubai’s famous institutes. The Managing Director has thanked us for referring outstanding candidates to his institute. We also have spoken with many institutes to give special offers and extra working hours for Winner team members in the UAE.

6) What are your other interests and hobbies?

Teaching, Training, Consulting, Creative Writing, Poetry, Business Correspondence and making true friendship.

7) What are your favourite books, music, movies, celebrities and inspiring personalities?

I could say, books are my best friends …”You can Win” by Shiv khera is my favorite book . I like to hear melodic and romantic songs.

I don’t watch much movies and not in particular any celebrities.

Inspiring Personalities – none other than my one and only leader Prophet Mohammed (SAW). He is really the most inspiring personality. After Him, My parents and sister.

8) What is your motto or philosophy of life that you would like to share with our readers?
If your performance has not produced the promotion you expected at least cherish the joy of everyday learning.

If trust is lost, nothing much can vouch for our credibility.

Work with Persistence and fight against all odds, surely you will reach that elusive goal.

Last but not least..” With Open heart & open mind one can win many hearts. So don’t just do enough to get by do enough to get ahead in life.


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  1. Cool story it is definitely. My teacher has been searching for this content.

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