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Creative Majlis©

Posted by advaitin on February 11, 2006

Creative Majlis©

Welcome to Creative Majlis, the meeting point for progressive copywriters and creative people from the UAE. You know what’s creative. But what in Uncle Ogilvys name is a ‘majlis’? Its an Arabic word for a gathering, when a group of people come together, connect and make things happen.

What brings us together?

A common urge. The heartfelt wish and ambition to pool our talents and make a positive difference in our communities.

What have we set out to achieve?

To do more than push products and recycle special offers as creative people. To propel our power of persuasion as writers and seasoned marcom professionals towards making a positive difference to the world around us.

Who moderates this group?

The founding members of the group, Farrukh & Mayura, both advertising copywriters based in the UAE.

Who owns it?

Every creative professional, from advertising copywriters like us to art directors, artists and journalists who want to contribute socially with their talents – as members of this Creative Majlis.

Is it going to be you?


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