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Posted by advaitin on November 7, 2005
Impress your boss, colleagues and friends
Computer Tips, Tricks and Techniques – Direct to you inbox

Have you ever been in a situation where you could not figure something out with your computer for over two hours? And then it took the IT expert in your office just two minutes to fix? Or worse, your kids give you tech-support at home?

We at want to save you the embarrassment (and a lot of time) while you learn how to impress everyone with your computer skills.

We also have an online forum where you can post your questions and one of our experts will provide an answer. will carry tips, tricks and techniques on the following topics:

Main Topics
Peachtree Accounting Software
Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint

Other Topics
Starting a business in Dubai

If you prefer not to receive your weekly tips, tricks and techniques please click this link. Alternately, to update your preferences so that we send you only the information that you prefer, please click this link.

Enjoy the site,
Rubesh Pillai

A selection of the articles on our site
Peachtree – Easily copy forms
Peachtree – Period changed to ## due to unposted entries there
Peachtree – Account ID format for Peachtree Accounting Software – Part 1
Peachtree – Salesperson wise Profit and Loss Statement for 12 months
Peachtree – Profit and Loss statement for 12 months

Excel – De-duplicating cells in Excel – Part 1
Excel – Split full name into two columns with First Name and Last Name
Excel – Design an Accounting Software with Excel

Starting a Business in Dubai – Part 1 – Coming to Dubai
Starting a Business in Dubai – Part 2 – Getting a visit visa
Starting a Business in Dubai – Part 3 – Before you catch your flight

PowerPoint – Create an EXE file from PowerPoint
PowerPoint – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Powerpoint-Part 1


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