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[HOT FROM THE ‘CUB’ PRESS] Super-Sponsor Me! UAE Sponsorship issues and more

Posted by advaitin on August 8, 2005

Blogging from the UAE

Super-Sponsor Me! UAE Sponsorship issues and more

Cabinet clears sponsor rules Visit visa fee Dhs600; renewal Dhs1,200

“Those holding masters or doctorate degrees should have worked for at least one year with their current sponsor (the fee for change is Dhs1,500 and they have no limits on the number of sponsorship changes); those holding bachelor’s degrees should have worked for no less than two years with the existing sponsor (the fee is Dhs3,000 they could apply for a sponsorship transfer twice during their stay in the UAE); and other categories should have worked for no less than three years with their current sponsors (the fee is Dhs 5,000 and they are allowed to apply for a sponsorship transfer only for once during their say in the UAE).”

Before I ramble on, what will happen if these requirements aren’t met? News reports in the UAE can be vague and incomplete.


Why is it easier for people with more education to move around? They’re the ones who can actually get a better-paying job much faster, the ones who could have gotten an excellent job on their first trip to the UAE.

On the other hand, the ones without degrees need to stay at least three years in their job, but also have to find someone willing to pay 5,000 dirhams to transfer.

Hello? AT&T? I can’t read this well. Oh, you’re a phone company?

Let’s see: An office boy without a degree who already finished three years in his current company and is earning Dhs1,500 per month, applies for a job in a company. The company likes him, but needs to pay 5,000 on top of his salary, visa requirements and other expenses.

That doesn’t make sense, especially since a lot of people with degrees and work experience are flying in all the time from a bevy of countries.

A prospective employer will weigh these, and *probably* settle on someone who:

1. Is on a visit visa. No need to pay Dhs5,000.

2. Has a bachelor’s degree and some work experience.

3. Will accept a salary lower than Dhs1,500.

I’m sure that a lot of jobless people walking around the UAE fits those enumerated conditions, and would be willing to end the drought, just to put a foot forward, so to speak.

Passing that law is good, but they need to fine-tune it some more.


2 Responses to “[HOT FROM THE ‘CUB’ PRESS] Super-Sponsor Me! UAE Sponsorship issues and more”

  1. I noticed that you have about a dozen different blogs (Satwa, Dubai, Karama) – do you have any plans to integrate them into a single blog? Or to aggregate them in some way?

    Please let me know as I think this would be a great idea – it’s a bit time consuming for people to visit several inactive blogs, but combined into one (more active) blog makes good sense.

  2. Dreams said

    Hiya.. thanks for including me in the awards.. 🙂 am looking forward to the blog meets, i am sure they would be fun..

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