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Welcome the the Orb-Uae CUB (Cool Uae Blog) Awards!

Posted by advaitin on August 1, 2005

Find links to all the best UAE blogs here. The ORB-UAE Creative Group recognises the creative spirit of these individual bloggers and awards them with the CUB Award:

The CUB Award is a recognition of the writing skills and the communicative and creative spirit of UAE bloggers.

Hopefully, awardee bloggers will display the above icon (all they have to do is to link to the icon on our servers) customised with their name and blog link.

ORB-UAE will also hold a UAE Bloggers meet whenever possible to encourage interaction between and development of this creative art.


2 Responses to “Welcome the the Orb-Uae CUB (Cool Uae Blog) Awards!”

  1. Luv_Gsm said

    Wow.. I like tht award… Hope to win again…

    Keep smiling 🙂–>

  2. MD Fazlul Karim said

    I went to renew member ship

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